Skin Care Tips For Sensitive Skin

woman-with-sensitive-skin-being-coldSensitive skin can be a real problem to take care of. Believe me, just when you think you’ve found a good product it causes a negative reaction and you have to try something else. Or there’s a product you really want to try but you can’t, because your skin won’t let you. You don’t have to let sensitive skin control you though. Here are tips on how to take care of sensitive skin.

Always Test New Products

Unfortunately the only way to know for sure that a product won’t damage your skin is to give it a test run. Even products that are good for sensitive skin might not be good for your sensitive skin. Pick a part of the body that’s inconspicuous, such as behind the ear, and apply the product there first. If there are no problems you’re free to use it on the rest of your body. If there are problems, then at least it’s contained to a small area.

“Hypoallergenic” Isn’t Always Good

If you have sensitive skin then you’ve heard of the word “Hypoallergenic”. It’s a product that is friendly towards people who have allergy problems or sensitive skin. Unfortunately there are no actual standards for hypoallergenic products. Anyone can slap the word hypoallergenic on any product without reproach. Don’t trust something just because it claims to be hypoallergenic. Always remember the first rule, and test it.

Limit Yourself

You might want to buy all the skincare products that you can. There’s always something that’s really tempting. The problem is that exposing your skin to all of these new products can be bad for it. It’s best to stick to the same products and not go out of your regular routine much. Find products that you like and stick with them in the interests of your sensitive skin.

Go Gentle

You should always stick to gentle skin care products. You should also be gentle when using them. If you find that the gentle product isn’t cleaning you properly you can risk moving up in gentleness until you find something that works for you, but doesn’t damage your skin. If your skin is really sensitive then using just water can be good. Water doesn’t need a lot of help.

Don’t Wash Too Much

As well as limiting yourself to a few products you should also limit how often you wash your skin in the first place. It’s best to clean it twice a day. Once in the morning using gentle soap, and then once again at night before applying a moisturizer. Washing your skin means that it dries out, and sensitive skin is not meant to be dry.

Always Read The Label!

You really need to read the labels of the products you buy. They’re filled with important information. If you have sensitive skin you probably do this anyway to make sure that the product is good for sensitive skin.

So remember to be gentle, read labels, and don’t overdo anything and your sensitive skin should be fine.

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